About Handmaidens

Handmaiden noun \-ˌmā-dən\ a personal maid or female servant (of Jesus Christ)

Handmaidens in the Marketplace (HITM) is a global community for Christian women in business and aspiring entrepreneurs.  Our mission is to showcase women of God who are spreading the gospel in areas of business and ministry.  Our desire is to provide a platform for the hidden JEWELS of JESUS who are working diligently to maintain their integrity while at the same time building thriving businesses that impact our on/offline communities. There are so many women of God doing great things for the Kingdom but they haven’t been given a venue to share their gifts and talents with the world.

We are committed to:  Bridging unity among our sisters by promoting a DIVERSE group of women who have overcome adversity

We are committed to:  Bringing you information and training  from Handmaidens from all over the world to aide you in birthing the vision God gave you when He called you to the marketplace.

We are committed to:  Spotlighting women of integrity who not only lead but has the heart of a servant.

Handmaidens in the Marketplace  is primarily designed to promote His daughters who have launched businesses online.

Our Mission:  We are committed to  Empower and Equip you with the motivation you need to fulfill the vision. To Encourage women of God to stop stifling and hoarding the gifts that God has given them.

Be Faithful,





Tanya Marie Lewis
Publisher. Best Selling Author. Motivating Handmaiden