His Unfailing Love! by Tanya Marie Lewis

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HITM-Tanyaby Tanya Marie Lewis

Today around the world countless women and men will fall prey to the deception of this over commercialized holiday. You’ll be fooled by the roses petals strewn from the front door to the bedroom to the bathroom. You’ll be mesmerized by the lit candles, chocolates and chilled champagne on the night stand. You’ll blush at the scantily clad clothing he purchased for you for later. Sadly even more will be fooled by a cheap motel with musty sheets, the backseat of someone’s car or prickly grass in a wooded field.

Beloved, if you’re giving yourself tonight or any other day to a man who has not paid a dowry for you…you’re sacrificing your very soul for fifteen minutes of mediocrity. You may think you’re making love but what you’re making is a mess that God won’t approve. God only blesses beds that are undefiled not sheets covered with the fig leaves of his promises to marry you.

Why am I writing this letter to you? Because I’ve been there and done that. I was so knee deep in sin that when God sent His angels to pull me out it took a pickaxe, crane and a few shovels to dig me out of the dunghill. During those times my Mama and one other person tried to talk sense into me. Sadly, there were so many others that for years watch me get dolled up for the devil, get in my car, fasten my seat belt, crank my car for my road trip to hell.

Thank God for the detour of revelation that allowed me to see celibacy is not a disease and holiness has it’s privileges in the form of peace of mind. So my plea for you today is to repent and then tell him/her you want to wait. Tell them you want more than the temporary pleasures, tell them you want the covenant promise of God. Isn’t your soul worth finding out how much he/she really loves you?

I’m believing someone will take this challenge and realize their worth in Christ. Unfortunately, most won’t do it because you already know in the depth of your soul he/she doesn’t love you enough to commit to a promise of forever, to commit to a promise of until death. Here’s the scary part, if and when he/she doesn’t commit, the “until death” deal remains the same just with different consequences.

Truly, it was only by God’s grace that I finally stopped playing cheapskate with my soul and starting investing in my own flowers and chocolates and now I get to spend everyday with the one who has never made me feel ashamed of my chastity. Choose Life. Choose Love. Choose Jesus…His love covers! #youarewortheWAIT!

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