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ID-100206892-Stuart MilesVisibility is a game-changer.
—ME // Marshawn Evans

Branding is one of my gifts. It’s one of the things that comes to me easily… and when someone tells me they don’t have the influence, income and impact they yearn for, I almost always know what’s wrong. They’re usually making some (or all!) of these 13 classic branding mistakes.

So if you were coaching with ME, here are the questions we’d look at together…

1. Do you have Poor Messaging? You’ve got to get really clear about what you want and what you need to share. Are you leaving your audience in the dark? Remember, a confused mind does nothing. “Nothing” is not what you want your clients or customers to do.
2. Do you have Poor Packaging? I know you’ve got great potential, expertise and ideas, but do you know how to put them together? If you don’t have a concise vision and mission, you’re going to end up with a scattered, bewildering brand.
3. Do you have a Poor Income Stream? You’re not attracting as many opportunities or making as much money as you could… because you’re not diversifying into a true brand empire—with multiple revenue streams. It’s possible to position yourself to make more money, get more visibility and be known as an expert in your industry.
4. Do you have Poor Visibility? That’s right… You have NO platform and NO following. Visibility is a game changer! Visibility gives people access to you. If they can’t see you, they can’t find you. If they can’t find you, they can’t work with you.
5. Do you have Poor Promotion? So many people tell me, “Oh, Marshawn, I’m really good at what I do, but I hate marketing!” Here’s the reality, baby doll. This isn’t about YOU getting attention for YOU. It’s about sharing the message God has given you. When you say you don’t like marketing, it’s like saying that the desires and ideas God has given you are not worthy to be shared. Poor promotion is simply not valuing what’s been placed inside of you. And, really… If Christ had to leave where he was to go spread his message, what makes you think you don’t have to do the same thing, too?
6. Do you have Poor Planning? Winging it is not an option. Although hope is necessary and it’s a feeling that inspires and motivates us, it’s not a brand or business strategy. Believers can really struggle with this one. We’ve got to shift from a mindset of ministry to a one of industry. At ME University, we’ve got a plan… for events, for social media, for emails… We know what we’re doing and where we’re going.
7. Do you have Poor Habits? Do you give too much away? You wisdom is designed to prosper you, but you need to have the right habits in place. And face it… you can’t blame people for not buying what you don’t have available. If nothing changes, nothing changes. Having better habits makes you more confident and successful. Being in business is like being a hunter… You have to be able to see opportunity, so self-investment to hone that skill is a very important habit to create.

8. Do you have Poor Systems? This just means you don’t have a game plan and a way of executing it. Here’s the key: Every struggle is just the sign of a missing system. You’re only one tweak away—you simply need a blueprint.
9. Do you have Poor Guidance? You’re listening to the wrong people and getting the wrong information. Or you’re listening to too many people and getting information overload. You need to get under the guidance of someone you trust, someone who has been sent and assigned to you. Stop window shopping. True understanding requires “standing under.” If you’re standing under the wrong training, THAT is why you’re confused. Look for RICH guidance: “Really In Christ’s Hands.” You know when you’ve met the right person. Trust your discernment.

10. Do you have Poor Accountability? Do you start, but never finish? That’s why people hire trainers and coaches. They keep you on track, ask you the right questions, understand what’s holding you back or keeping your stuck—and help you get past those barriers and reach your goals.

11. Do you have Poor Community? You may be alone and struggling in isolation. Some of you may be the smartest one in your circle and the only one who wants to go to the next level. If your friends and family don’t have the “next-level” wisdom you need, you need to get into a community where you’ll have that kind of iron-sharpening. Online communities are a great place to network, share ideas, get inspiration and create supportive, inspiring friendships.

12. Do you have Poor Investments? You gotta have skin in the game or there’s no congruency. I see a lot of people waiting around for leftovers. You know, the ones who sign up for all the free information they can get. But they are not getting to where they want to be. Here’s the truth: You have to invest different if you want to reap different—and you can’t get a return on an investment you don’t make. Besides, you’re going to attract people who are just like you…. Do you really want tire-kickers? I like to think “expansive, not expensive.”
13. Do you have Poor Thinking? If you want to be a millionaire, you have to act like a millionaire. I iron-sharpen with people who make more than I do—and I look at worth vs. cost. There is a cost to everything—ignorance, being stuck, being depressed. But there is a cost to growth! As a woman thinks in her heart, so is she. Broken thinking and stinking-thinking keep you stuck! If a church invests in a construction company to build—we see that as the cost of expansion. So it is with you. Let me just remind you: You are not designed to be small. God brings the opportunity, but the outcome comes through you! “Greater works than these shall you do!”

DSC9501Marshawn Evans is a Global Mentor and Catalyst for Women looking to Launch Their Dreams and Live Their Purpose. She equips others to AMPLIFY their lives, their leadership and their legacy by teaching the principles of influence, branding, and divine purpose. Her weekly eZine goes out to thousands of subscribers. Are you ready to unleash your brilliance and align with your REAL destiny? Sign up for a FREE subscription at

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