Be different…Be unique

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Word of Encouragement:
Stop trying to launch/create what you see everyone else doing and instead do what God has called you to do. By the same token, do not put off launching/creating what God called you to do because you see everyone else doing it.It looks the same but it’s totally different. #ownit

His Unfailing Love! by Tanya Marie Lewis

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HITM-Tanyaby Tanya Marie Lewis

Today around the world countless women and men will fall prey to the deception of this over commercialized holiday. You’ll be fooled by the roses petals strewn from the front door to the bedroom to the bathroom. You’ll be mesmerized by the lit candles, chocolates and chilled champagne on the night stand. You’ll blush at the scantily clad clothing he purchased for you for later. Sadly even more will be fooled by a cheap motel with musty sheets, the backseat of someone’s car or prickly grass in a wooded field.

Beloved, if you’re giving yourself tonight or any other day to a man who has not paid a dowry for you…you’re sacrificing your very soul for fifteen minutes of mediocrity. You may think you’re making love but what you’re making is a mess that God won’t approve. God only blesses beds that are undefiled not sheets covered with the fig leaves of his promises to marry you.

Why am I writing this letter to you? Because I’ve been there and done that. I was so knee deep in sin that when God sent His angels to pull me out it took a pickaxe, crane and a few shovels to dig me out of the dunghill. During those times my Mama and one other person tried to talk sense into me. Sadly, there were so many others that for years watch me get dolled up for the devil, get in my car, fasten my seat belt, crank my car for my road trip to hell.

Thank God for the detour of revelation that allowed me to see celibacy is not a disease and holiness has it’s privileges in the form of peace of mind. So my plea for you today is to repent and then tell him/her you want to wait. Tell them you want more than the temporary pleasures, tell them you want the covenant promise of God. Isn’t your soul worth finding out how much he/she really loves you?

I’m believing someone will take this challenge and realize their worth in Christ. Unfortunately, most won’t do it because you already know in the depth of your soul he/she doesn’t love you enough to commit to a promise of forever, to commit to a promise of until death. Here’s the scary part, if and when he/she doesn’t commit, the “until death” deal remains the same just with different consequences.

Truly, it was only by God’s grace that I finally stopped playing cheapskate with my soul and starting investing in my own flowers and chocolates and now I get to spend everyday with the one who has never made me feel ashamed of my chastity. Choose Life. Choose Love. Choose Jesus…His love covers! #youarewortheWAIT!

Published Authors: 5 Tips to Protect Your Privacy

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The hardest thing for published authors to believe is how much actually having a book on the shelves legitimizes them to the people they know and meet on a daily basis. Once you have a published book people no longer see you as someone with a dream, but as a person who is living it. They’ll think you’re selling thousands of copies, sitting on stacks of money and vacationing in the Riviera-even if you’re not. With this newfound celebrity you will begin to network, meet a host of people and exchange business cards and other information with them-but although you want to appear approachable, as an author you still need to take a few precautions.

Promotion is the ultimate key to making and keeping yourself successful as an author. You’ll definitely want to host contests where you’ll have readers sending in postcards, however, make certain that you are utilizing a Post Office Box. Many people use their home address for their business so that they won’t have the added expense of a Post Office Box or the added “to do” of making a weekly trek to check what could be an empty box. Unfortunately there have been reports of overzealous fans showing up on the doorsteps of authors, celebrities and other personalities, so, safeguard not just your residential address, but your family and overall privacy as well.

A telephone line strictly for business is an absolute must for anyone who has taken on the title of “author”. Remember to use your “business line” number on business cards, websites and all promotional information NOT your residential, work or personal number(s). Giving out too much personal information about yourself to people you meet at events can lead to feelings of entitlement. Imagine your dilemma when years down the line you realize that dozens of people you don’t even remember have your personal information, namely your home number. You want to sell books, but you don’t want to end up with an obsessed fan or someone who has taken an unusual fancy to you and ends up calling you in your personal down time on your private line. Remember, you can’t tell what makes someone tick at a glance. If you don’t have a business only number, always opt to take theirs instead.

Spreading knowledge is commendable. You may meet people who are just as eager to learn about the book business as you were when you started investigating publishing. It is definitely to be expected. There is nothing wrong with lending a hand and assisting individuals who may approach you, but don’t get so overeager to help that you spread yourself thin. At first you may want to limit yourself to mentoring two beginning authors. Fact is, if you don’t set limits on your time nobody else will and your willingness to help may lead them to believe you’re available around the clock. Keep in mind, the more people you help, word will spread and more people will come seeking help too. Learn to say, “no” or “my schedule doesn’t allow for…” when you need to. Don’t feel like you have to yield to every request just to convert a reader. If you start getting too many requests it may be wiser to just opt to do a formal seminar on what you know instead. Collect the contact information from anyone who needs assistance and inform them when you’ve pulled the seminar together. Even if you charge a small fee, if they’re serious-they’ll come.

Safeguard your date of birth. In an era where nothing is impossible as an author you have to realize your entire biography is on the Internet for the world to see. Couple that with the fact that you sign your name in every book you sell at a function and realize that with access to your date of birth, your signature and your geographical location, identity theft could be lurking on the horizon. How to not become a victim? Remove your birth day, month and year from your bio and stick to book related information. You may want to opt to eliminate your wife or husband’s name too since the book is ultimately about you the author-it doesn’t benefit the reader’s experience to know your children’s names either. Keep it simple. Keep it safe.

As authors we just love our readers. When we meet them at appearances, book clubs and other excursions, we want to get to know them, pick their brains and try to decipher what they truly feel about our work. One thing that both men and women need to be cautious about in the age where everybody wants to file a lawsuit is that even though you are eager to meet your public and your public may be just as eager to meet you-both men and women you meet can misconstrue actions, statements and gestures that you make just being friendly. In college I was cautioned by a professor who nearly had his reputation ruined by a woman he was consoling who developed feelings for him and tried to ruin his reputation when he didn’t return her feelings. Err on the side of caution and save the touching, hugging and leaning for people you actually know personally. Go easy on “the next time I’m in town I’d love to take you to dinner,” comments too. Some consider that in poor taste while others may read way more than you intended into it. This doesn’t mean be standoffish, photos are appropriate, just know that you don’t have to promise back rubs and foot massages to gain a loyal following of readers. Be an author, draw the line and insure that no one crosses it.

LDGHollandLinda Dominique Grosvenor-Holland is an active member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. She is currently pursuing her advanced degree in Professional Counseling in an effort to help facilitate the various facets of ministry. She the author of several books and relationship courses. For more information on Linda visit her on the web at

Four Keys to Stepping Out in Confidence

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In my coaching business I’m blessed to work with some wonderful women of God with amazing gifts and talents! However, many struggle with stepping forward to be used by God because they are paralyzed with fear and a lack of confidence. I understand the struggle because in times pass I have experienced it too. Over the years I have sought the Lord to overcome, and through His wisdom He has given me keys to step out in confidence in business and ministry. Please allow me to share them with you.

Key 1 – Find your God-given identity –  Know who you are

Ask God to give you a revelation of who you are in Him. Stay true to your authentic self, and avoid the pull to be a counterfeit or copy of someone else.  Make a conscious decision to stop playing the comparison game. Know for sure you are an unique expression of God. Embrace who God has made you, and don’t let your past failures define you, only refine you. Grow from your mistakes.

Key 2 – Unveil your God-given purpose

God has created every man for a purpose. Jesus said in 1 John 3:8, “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.”  You need to complete this statement for yourself, “For this cause was I manifested…” With this clarification comes great confidence because you know God is with you in the boardroom, to the classroom, from the pulpit, to the pew. Nothing can stop you if you flow in Him.

Key 3 – Define your signature sound – clarify your message

We all have been given a signature sound and message that coincides with our purpose. Seek the Lord to define your sound and embrace it.  Then understand your message is projected through your gifts and talents. Identify and get competent in your gifts and talents, and your life will speak volumes.

Key 4 – Identify your metron

Metron is a Greek word meaning measure of rule. Every man has been given a measure of rule (2 Corinthians 10:13-15, KJV). Within your metron comes divine power (grace and divine enablement), and authority to rule and effect your spheres of influence. With this understanding comes great boldness to positively impact any environment God positions you in. Don’t under-estimate this grace and your assignment.


Tarsha L. Campbell is a Christian Life and Destiny Coach. She’s the author of several books and life coaching series. For more information visit Tarsha on the web at


After a Binge: Dealing with Guilt and Shame

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I wrote this message about 5 years ago in examining my own history with binge eating. As night follows the day, so did guilt and shame descend upon me after a binge. Perhaps this message will help those who are struggling with guilt and shame in the aftermath of bingeing:

“I feel guilty or I feel ashamed.”

How many times has this happened: You are tempted to binge, you take the bait, and then after the binge is over, a nasty voice tells you how awful you are for taking it! In my own life, this has happened to me too many times to count.

When I was writing this, a scene from the Peanuts comic strip came to mind. Remember how Lucy always tempted Charlie Brown with the football? She would lie and tell Charlie Brown that she would hold the football for him to kick. Now Charlie Brown knew that Lucy would probably pull the football away at the last second because she always had. But somehow, she always managed to convince him that this time, it would be different.

Lucy would hold the football, Charlie Brown would run for it, pull back for the kick…and Lucy would pull the ball away, leaving poor Charlie Brown tumbling head over heels. The final frame would usually show him lying on the ground, bruised and humiliated. Lucy would be standing over him, giving him yet another reason as to why he shouldn’t have trusted her.

It’s the same thing with temptation; each time you go for it, you think the outcome is going to be different. It never is. You always end up bruised and battered.

If you have stumbled, remember that God loves you anyway. Confess and repent. Ask God to show were you slipped so you can learn from it and move forward. That’s it. Receive your forgiveness and move forward. Condemnation and guilt have no place there.

In my thesaurus, the word guilt has many synonyms: Blame, fault, error, and crime. The true reason that Satan likes to inspire guilt in us is to make us feel too ashamed to go to God, to keep us separated from Him. However, just as we love and forgive our children when they mess up, God does the same for us. The bible states, “Who can bring a charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies” (Romans 8:33 NKJV).

As God’s children, nothing can separate us from His love, not tribulation, not distress, or sword. We have an advocate in Jesus Christ. Think of it: You’ve got Satan on one side, quoting all of your sins before God chapter and verse, and you’ve got Jesus on the other side, the greatest lawyer who ever lived. He can answer each one of the enemy’s charges with a simple, “That sin is forgiven. I already paid the price.”

Again, all we have to do is ask for that forgiveness and the Father will grant it. The bible assures us of that fact. The only way you can combat a lie is with the truth. So the next time you hear a voice that is telling you, “You are a sinner; you’re not good enough,” you can answer, “According to 1 John 1:9, I am forgiven. According to John 16:27, I am loved. That’s the truth and that’s all I need to know.”

Be Blessed in Health, Healing, and Wholeness!

Kimberly Taylor

Take Back Your Temple

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Releasing Chaotic People – Part I

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Identifying and Releasing Chaotic People by Theresa Harvard Johnson.

Part I

2 Corinthians 12:20 CJB, “For I am afraid of coming and finding you not the way I want you to be, and also of not being found the way you want me to be. I am afraid of finding quarreling and jealousy, anger and rivalry, slander and gossip, arrogance and disorder.”

As a body, we must address a very serious issue among our members – not to shame anyone, but to continue equipping and bringing us all into the unity of the faith. There is a stronghold wreaking havoc among us, and it is literally hidden from the casual eye yet destroying God-appointed relationships daily. That stronghold, as father revealed it to me, is “the spirit of chaos.”

There are many levels of chaos. If it were obvious out-of-control behavior like anger, disruption, etc., we would quickly identify it as such and then run as far from it as possible; but this specific area of chaos is quite different. For the purpose of this discussion, the spirit of chaos is defined as living in a place of complete disorder, confusion, clutter and/or mess. There are many types of disorder, but this specific area is often overlooked because it masquerades as character flaws and defects. What makes this specific stronghold unique is the intense level of denial and arrogance that is bound to it. Those in chaos tend to live their lives in a messy or cluttered way in the spirit and natural.

If you were to drop by the homes of people under the influence of this stronghold, you would see lives lived out suitcases so-to-speak – stuff would be just everywhere! If you were in intimate relationship with these people, you would quickly notice some of these characteristics below:

* Excessive tardiness. No matter the occasion, situation or event the person is ALWAYS late, sometimes even missing the scheduled appointment, meeting or gathering;

* Everything is an emergency or crisis. Daily there is a crisis or a level of drama that “interfered” with an aspect of “their” lives – illness, another meeting, last minute crisis, etc.;

* Constant rescheduling of events, appointments and meetings. Even when an event is known in advance or well planned out there are constant streams of final hour distractions and conflicts that compete for that person’s time and attention. It’s almost like a spiritual attention deficit disorder;

* Endless waves of excuses. There is a logical, well thought out “reason” for every broken commitment. These people are VERY GOOD at presenting real, irrefutable scenarios for work not completed, commitments broken, etc.;

* Always rushing and exhausted. Whenever these chaotic people do complete an assignment, arrive at the event, bring something to the table, etc., they are always tired, exhausted, worn-out and playing catch-up. What’s worse is that they always demand and expect that those around them “immediately” help them catch-up on what they missed, often disrupting the “established or orderly flow” of the environment they are a part of;

* Arrogance and selfishness. They walk in an intense level of arrogance and selfishness. Arrogance is an overbearing place of pride and self-righteousness. One aspect of it that you will see in the lives of those oppressed is entitlement. These people feel like they have a right to disrupt your life and demand your attention in that moment. For example, if they show up late or fail to be prepared for a rehearsal in play, there is a “FALSE” expectation in which they believe others MUST somehow help them play catch up or help them fit their last minute, final hour efforts into the existing situation. There is a complete, blatant disregard for other people’s time and boundaries;

* Over commitment. They are constantly taking on new projects and new initiatives – but fail to finish any of them well if at all. At least one of those projects will go without. While these people may be brilliant, capable, highly

skilled, intelligent and talented, they are not dependable. As a result, this failure to prioritize poisons and sabotages their relationships. Their commitment to projects can be equated to a high or an adrenaline rush. As long as the high is strong, they appear strong. The minute they come down from that high, they forget the commitment and are moving on to something else that is “very important and that can’t wait.” Before long, that commitment is a part of a long string of “things to do” that never get done; and yet another area of sabotage is let loose;

* Excessive Busyness. Chaotic people are incapable of resting or finding rest. Every minute of every day is spent doing something (or even thinking of what needs to be done). They are in a constant cycle of unending movement in the natural and in the spirit (primarily project-oriented busyness) – often confusing true rest with falling into fatigue from exhaustion, exertion or a subtle depression. Even their times of recreation are excessively busy;

* Quick To Judge & Blame Others. In this cycle, the person who is in chaos blames everyone around them for their negative response to their “chaotic state.” For example, if you refuse to tell them what they missed during the play rehearsal or who-did-what, they might actually get angry or feel that slighted by the director INSTEAD OF recognizing that the rehearsal is on a timetable and needs to move forward. So, they blame the director for not working with them and make judgments on how they chose to handle the situation;

* No boundaries for themselves or for others. A person living in chaos has no self-control. They “believe” they do, but in truth there are no boundaries around themselves; or any respect or honor for the boundaries of others. They are big-time boundary breakers – pushing friendships, mentoring relationships and even working relationships to max with their chaotic, crisis driven behavior;

* Confusion surrounds them. Chaotic people tend to leave trails of confusion in their midst as they disrupt the lives of others. This behavior is also subtle – even passive aggressive. When they drop the ball on assignments, others are left to clean away the mess or fill in the holes from their absence. In addition, they often find themselves in conflict with how they see “their behavior” verses how “others see it.” It’s as if there is a complete blindness to their own condition.

Any one of these areas could describe you or I at any time in our lives. However, a person operating in the spirit of chaos manifests nearly all of these areas AT ONCE and on a consistent basis. They literally LIVE from this place and in the midst of every single relationship in their lives. Entire marriages, family relationships, godly mentoring relationships, etc. are pulverized under the weight of the spirit of chaos operating in the lives of God’s people.

I firmly believe that all leaders in the body of Christ will run into chaotic people during the course of their ministries. They are not always easy to identify by a single or even a few incidents. This level of chaos is often revealed over the course of relationship and as people are given or released into greater areas responsibility. In addition, this stronghold doesn’t necessarily indicate that a person is immature in the things of God, but it does indicate that they are in need of great healing and deliverance. Copyright @ 2012

64764_445591242187110_1534577628_nTheresa Harvard Johnson is the founder of Voices of Christ Literary Ministries International. To find out more about Apostle Theresa Johnson visit her on the web at