The Sin of Spiritual Plagiarism

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51VCiV4v2qL._AA160_The Sin of Spiritual Plagiarism: Unauthorized Vessels by Theresa Harvard Johnson
Reviewed by Tanya Marie Lewis

We live in a society that has become morally corrupt and sadly many things that we once shunned as profane has become accepted. If someone breaks into your home, car or business it is seen as a violation and rightfully so. Once you realize a stranger has been rummaging through your personal belongings you feel very vulnerable. One area of theft that is often overlooked is that of the arts, particularly in literature.

In the book, “The Sin of Spiritual Plagiarism”, author Theresa Harvard Johnson deals with it from a spiritual perspective that lends more credence to the magnitude of stealing the works of other writers. Basically, she deals with the levels of deceit it involves to steal the writings of another individual from the written word to arts, drawing, music and ideas. She goes into great depth and shares incidents of where entire sermons and books have been copied without permission and authors have added their name to them as the originator of the work. Read more

Harvard delves deeply in the scriptures to give examples to support her claims in hopes that our eyes may be open to the devastation attached to the crime. As in the natural, so it is in the spiritual. There is a penalty involved for plagiarism to include, monetary compensation and damage to your credibility. If there are damages that must be recompensed in the natural those same laws apply spiritually.

I applaud her ability to deal with such a sensitive issue that continues to be overlooked. She calls you on the rug and it makes you really question your own works. As someone who’s had work, words and ideas stolen by others I know what it feels like to be violated. Harvard also addresses how it can take years to heal from the wounds of this type of violation.

The written word is the most sacred thing we’ve been given and it’s been deduced to nothing more than fluff in the eyes of so many. While we know that God can reveal the same thing spiritually to thousands, this book addresses those who maliciously plagiarize. The individuals who listen to your conversations, read your blog post and books to regurgitate your words as their own.
Again, The Sin of Spiritual Plagiarism is an eye-opener for anyone serious about the consequences associated with the GIFT of writing. I think not only is it a great book for writer’s but should be considered mandatory reading in school. I’ll conclude this review with this quote from Apostle Theresa Harvard Johnson, “There are thieves in the temple – many of whom are leading, teaching and training others with stolen goods and out of evil intent.”

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Woman in the Mirror

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71G2rzisL6LWoman in the Mirror by Tarsha Campbell
Reviewed by Tanya Marie Lewis

Woman in the Mirror by Tarsha Campbell was a very engaging read. While the book is only 82 pages, it’s packed with revelatory information that helps to shed light on some of the tricks of the enemy. I can definitely relate to the “mirrors” that were forced upon me as a child and shaped an unhealthy view of who I was in God. Thank God for His grace and for giving us a blueprint to see ourselves In His Image.

It’s a quick read and confirmation on so many things that I’ve dealt with as a woman. Honestly, I could have read more and could easily see a workbook/devotional as a companion to this book for group discussion purposes.

If you’re wondering why you’re unproductive and stagnant in the same place year in and year out…Woman in the Mirror just may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Kudos Tarsha L. Campbell!

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The Barefoot Executive

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The Barefoot Executive by Carrie Wilkerson
Reviewed by Tanya Marie Lewis

Carrie Wilkerson is such an inspiration. I came across her book as a result of following her on Facebook. As with anything that she does, her authenticity and love for family speaks volume. I love your transparency and her God given ability to motivate others by simply being honest about her life. She is definitely someone who has a love for God, family and people and it’s evident in everything she does.

I HIGHLY recommend her books and her blog if you’re looking for the girl next door with a heart of gold.

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Divalyn Pleasure Guide To Marketing your Micro-Small Business

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41T9NlLkPmLDivalyn Pleasure Guide To Marketing your Micro-Small Business by Evelyn Jackson
Reviewed by Tanya Marie Lewis

I’m not sure what I was expecting from this book but I was pleasantly surprised. Some of the marketing tips I’ve used and others I’d never thought of before. I think the gem in this book are the testimonies that Authoress Evelyn Jackson shares with each tip. It’s one thing to have a author tell you to do something in theory…but even more rewarding when you can read the rewards the tips yield.

I love the segment on saying no, as this has been an issue I’ve dealt with in business. Again, there are some great inexpensive resources you can use to spread the word on your business. I love the enthusiasm of Ms. Jackson and her straight forward approach to telling it like it is. I love her appreciation for life particularly when she was so close to losing hers after a car accident. In that, it forced her to get serious about her business and understand that nothing is handed to you…you have to put in the work. She’s creating a legacy with her own unique style and approach which is so refreshing in this look a like marketing world.

I’m definitely going to implement some of her tips…particularly the restaurant tip. I don’t want to give anything away…Buy the Book!!! I guarantee you’ll find something you can use to grow your micro-business.

My one regret is that I ordered the Ebook versus having the paperback to keep with me in the field.

Kudos Ms. Jackson!